Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update

This is what I accomplished this weekend.
  • Ate a significant quantity of food, including considerable amounts from the candy group as well as a token nod to the ice cream group
  • Watched the possibly-soon-to-be-hit movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno (some funny bits, got kind of sappy toward the end, and I could really have lived without the super-original "black women are ferocious harpies" bits)
  • Read the already-hit book -- and no-doubt-soon-to-be-hit movie -- Twilight (which I will say was miles better than the last super-hyped book I read, The DaVinci Code, for which I promptly conceived an unwavering hatred that has yet to waver)
  • Commenced writing the greatest novel ever known to humankind for NaNoWriMo; and by that I of course mean the greatest novel I have ever written for NaNoWriMo (only 45,100 words to go!)
  • Registered for the MLA Connections blog so that I can sign in and submit brilliant comments about the Strategic Plan as soon as I think of some
It's been pretty productive, as you can see.

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