Monday, November 10, 2008

Novelicious Pep Talks

It turns out a fun thing about this National Novel Writing Month is that if you sign up, you get these encouraging emails on a regular basis.

Mostly stuff like "just keep writing!" and "it'll all come together," and "don't give up even when you get discouraged and realize that everything you've written is a giant seething mass of awful that you'd rather eat with splintery chopsticks than allow anyone to read!" 

The kind of stuff one needs to hear, when engaged in the heroic task of typing 50,000 words.

It's kind of cool, though. Makes me see how those programs that people can sign up for to give them email encouragement with their exercise programs or whatever could be useful. Support in numbers and so forth.

See, there's a health tie-in there, it's not all about me obsessing over my giant seething mass of awful (23,000 seething words so far).

Philip Pullman says the darkest point is page 70 (name-dropping from the pep talk emails is a perk of NaNoWriMo membership). I imagine that's because you've gone far enough that things have started to develop, and thus can begin to look catastrophically bad, but you haven't gone nearly far enough to feel that the end is in sight and you might as well finish.

I just got to page 50 myself, so I guess I'll see presently. 

Meantime, and apropos of nothing but my having just thought of it, I've heard that keeping a journal or diary is good for one's health because it releases emotions and lowers stress or something: is that also true for blogs? I demand research!

Medline doesn't have an index term for blog (and given the recent rumors about the slow death of the medium, it may be that it never will...let us all bow our heads respectfully), but you can get a few hits with a keyword search. Including this one called Psychotherapy 2.0: MySpace blogging as self-therapy.

Nice. I feel saner already.

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