Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not Primarily Caring

The consistently awesome Health Beat has a very interesting post on why medical students are not choosing to go into primary care. 

We hear a lot about how primary care physicians aren't as well compensated as specialists, but the post points out that it's not all about the money: it's also the pressure of having to see so many different patients for such short periods of time. There's a good point made that we think of primary care as being the most personal of the medical fields, but in fact doctors often have no time to get to know their patients so that opportunity for personal interaction is lost.

This promises to be part one of a series, so I await the next installment with interest, especially since I just had to change my primary care physician when I got new insurance (after having the same one through three or four insurance plans previous; all things must come to an end, I suppose).

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