Saturday, November 15, 2008

Practically Stranded on a Desert Island

I had offsite stuff to do at work Thursday and Friday mornings, and friends to see Friday night, and mad writing to do Thursday night and today, so I have spent a relatively small amount of time at the computer lately and as a result am almost completely out of touch.

I have not read a blog post in days. I have no idea what anyone is saying about anything. I am cut off from the public discourse! 

I'm totally keeping up with people on Facebook, though. That counts for something, right? 

I also finished a few thousand words today, so at least it's not as if I'm foregoing blog-reading in order to stare at a blank screen and think about how I should be writing but am not. I have to say, this deadline thing is working really well in terms of motivation.

Conveniently, I suppose, I also have few other social obligations this month. There's Thanksgiving, of course, but it's so late this year that with any luck I'll be done by then.

I'll try to read some blogs later, after the fiction-writing centers of my brain give out for the night. 38,000 words and counting!

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