Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slightly Insane Money-Saving Tips

You mean besides picking up stray bottle caps on the street to get mp3s? (Don't knock it. I've put together most of an album that way.)

I was going through some boxes of random ancient stuff with the intention of throwing most of it out, and I found a handsome datebook with some nice prints of artworks. Unused. From 1998.

But thanks to the hard work of this kindly soul, I was able to determine that the dates on a 1998 calendar will again match up with reality in--wait for it--2009! Yes!

Except I already have a datebook for 2009, because when I started my current job they ordered me one thinking it would be for 2008, but since it was already August, all the office supply store had was 2009.

So I can either wait until 2015, which is really not that long when you think about it (what's six years between friends?), or I can give this handsome calendar to someone else this holiday season and try to convince them that it's an awesome present. 

"No, honest, it's good for 2009! I've been saving it just for you, it's definitely not a random semi-junk item I found in the basement at work!"

These are the issues I confront, in these trying economic times.

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