Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gender Issues

OK, everyone seems to be doing this, so I can't be left out!

GenderAnalyzer thinks there's a 75% chance this blog is written by a man. So there you go. 

Maybe it's the fascination with zombies? Which actually was more marked on my other blog, so perhaps not. The grouchiness, then? The self-aggrandizement? The obsession with the size of my written output?

I'm naturally inclined to assign immense importance to any information about myself presented by strange websites that give no information about how they draw their conclusions, but in the interests of scientific accuracy I do feel compelled to note that when I click for the results of the survey question "Did GenderAnalyzer give the correct result for your blog?" it appears GenderAnalyzer is only right 53% of the time, so they could really just be flipping an electronic coin back there. 

Either that, or a lot of people are lying. It is the internet. 

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