Wednesday, July 27, 2011

VegFest Awaits!

Everyone! I'm terribly excited for tomorrow, when I'm going to pick up a box of assorted vegetables.

There's a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) option on campus, and they have this thing where you can order on a week-by-week basis. Want a box of vegetables this week? Order it! Going away, or haven't finished last week's box of vegetables? Skip it!

It's a little late in the summer growing season*, so I've missed some good stuff--like raspberries, alas--but that just means I have a lot of lost veggie-eating time to make up. I'm going to try it. The desire not to waste them will certainly compel me to eat more vegetables. Even if I have to gnaw handfuls of raw beets.

*Sadly, summer basically ends the week after next for me, when the med students show up and we spring into full-speed library orientation mode.

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