Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Days Are Alike to Me

I had this training event on Advanced Serials Cataloging, today and tomorrow. I planned my travel and time off work and everything.

Only it was July 12 and 13, which, it turns out, actually corresponds to yesterday and today.

I must have read it wrong one time, pegged it in my head as a Wednesday and Thursday, written it into my calendar on the wrong days, and never revisited the date information to notice the error.

I'm on my knees right now, shaking my fists at the sky, shouting out, like an imprecation, the single word:


Way to let me down, brain. Way to sabotage my earnest attempts to learn more about Advanced Serials Cataloging. Why do you hate Advanced Serials Cataloging so much, brain?! What has Advanced Serials Cataloging ever done to you?

Perhaps we shouldn't try too hard to answer that question.

On the plus side, I don't have to go out to Wellesley College tomorrow (Wellesley is very nice, but the commute is even longer than my usual).

And the one day of training that I did have today was good (serials: a whole big pile of complicated mess!), and I have the book with all the slides, so I can review the information on my own. I will generously refrain from providing details here.

I can't get over the total date-recognition failure, though. Oh well...I was close, right?


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