Thursday, July 28, 2011


Good news, everyone!

Not only do I have a luxurious quantity and variety of fresh vegetables at my disposal (although no handfuls of raw beets...this time), but the library has also acquired a number of online backfiles for some dental journals.

I made a snarky comment when I found that eight out of 21 titles were all title changes to one journal, because snarking about serial title changes is what catalogers do, but in fact this is good news. Our holdings for dental journals aren't as extensive as for the biomedical subjects (though this is partly because there just aren't as many dental journals out there), so we always like to extend our coverage.

And this archival purchase pushed our electronic holdings for several titles back even beyond our existing print coverage. So we have more articles online, which the students like, and more articles total, which everyone can enjoy.

Let us now dance the merry dance of vegetables and journals.


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