Friday, July 15, 2011

Putting on Your Armor

Speaking of the Chain Mail Bikini Thing, which I once was, I would like to salute Bethesda Softworks, maker of games including, to my knowledge, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and the Elder Scrolls games, particularly (to my knowledge) Oblivion.

Bethesda games are famous, among me and this guy I know, for having incredibly gorgeous scenery and kind of creepily ugly people. But one thing they do not do, in the games I have observed, is make much of the Chain Mail Bikini Thing.

You see a lot of characters, male and female, wearing either solid, workaday armor, or else the sort of regular clothing one might wear while going about one's day-to-day business in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or in a magic-infused realm threatened with apocalypse, depending on the game.

And there's none of that "this armor is pretty ordinary looking on a male character, but you put it on a female character and suddenly it makes a nice target area for your enemies by revealing the entire torso."

They're also pretty good about having the characters you run into be fairly evenly mixed between male and female, as well as possessing various skin tones.

Bethesda does not make my favorite games ever, but they've got some fun stuff going on, and I do appreciate the fact that they assume women as well as men would like to have some protection against injury when going into battle.

As previously stated, I would also accept men as well as women clad in nothing more than courage and magical sandals, but if not that, than actual armor for all characters is fine with me.


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