Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Was Working! I Was Working!

I was thinking how whenever anyone startles me at work, even if it was because I was concentrating on some work I was doing (and possibly listening to music at the same time), I always secretly wonder if it makes me look 'guilty.'

I think "does she think I was buying socks on eBay right then instead of working?"

And the weird thing is, this means that I must assume no one could ever think I was deeply engrossed in actual work, right?

Because work is so boring, it's not like I would be concentrating on it! Clearly if I was wrapped up in something to the point that I didn't hear someone come to my office, I must be doing something else!

Apparently I have a low opinion of other peoples' opinion of my job.

I mean, I don't have a low opinion of my job. I like my job. Sometimes I get caught up in working on something and I get startled when someone shows up at the door. It happens.

But I seem to think no one else would believe that I could get caught up in my job, and that they must all be assuming I'm slacking off instead, if I'm paying that much attention to something.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this thought.

Something about how it's not cool to think your job is interesting enough to get engrossed in? Something about how I assume everyone else thinks my job isn't interesting enough to get engrossed in? Something about how I'm defensive about my job and feel like everyone's always picking on me because my job isn't cool? Something about how I'm always feeling left out of all the cool parties?

Naw, it's gone. Anyway, look, sometimes I just get really focused, and then you might startle me if you come in suddenly.

It doesn't mean I was reading novels on the computer on company time!

I only read short stories on company time.


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