Friday, February 18, 2011

Monster Update

For those keeping an eye on the approach of the zombie apocalypse, this Sociological Images post about the history of the zombie may be of interest.

I was interested to hear that the zombie is in a way very modern:

What makes the zombie unique from other movie monsters is its unique place of origin. Whereas Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman all have ties to the Gothic literary tradition, the zombie stands apart in having a relatively recent (and proximal) origin.

Check it out.

Me, I'm continuing to focus my attention on the monster under the bed. Something must be done about the Ankle-Grabber!

When I was a kid we usually just slept on mattresses or bedrolls placed flat on the floor, so the monster would have had to be too flat to be much of a problem. It was a happy thing.

I've decided to form a campaign to encourage all children's beds to be kept on the floor to ensure that the youth of today can grow up in the same monster-free contentment I did.

Join me!


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