Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Might Have Been

Man, I wish I were in New Zealand right now. Or, more precisely, next week.

As The Hobbit Movie Blog reports, there's a casting call for elven extras on February 26th. And I would make an awesome elven extra!

The description might as well be (very briefly) exactly me, personally!

WOMEN – aged 17 – 40, Height 5ft 9 (175cm) and taller

Sigh. That could be me, looking elvish in The Hobbit...if only I were in New Zealand.

I guess I could quickly book a flight to Wellington right now, but then if (I should say 'when,' on account of it's such a perfect role for me!) I got the job, I'd have to quit work here at the library...and I'm sure getting a work visa in New Zealand is a pain...

Alas, I fear it is not to be. But if you're in New Zealand and bear some resemblance to a Middle Earth elf, get the heck over there.


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