Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Video! Yay, in Theory!

So Amazon is now offering streaming video with a Prime membership?

I got a free trial of Prime a few years back and then became addicted to it after I realized the glorious wonder of being able to order people birthday presents a couple of days in advance and have them get there on time with no shipping fees. It saves a lot of having to plan ahead.

Anyway, they have lots and lots of largely older movies available (1,666 as of this evening). Some of them are pretty awesome, you can tell just from the titles: Eyeborg! Dinosaurus!

Plus 484 TV shows.

I dunno, I don't find anything on their list that I want terribly desperately to see at the moment, but if I were bored some afternoon, flipping through pages...it's like having 500 mediocre movie and TV re-run channels at my disposal!

It's like cable, baby!

This is a potentially interesting development in the online video world, since Amazon certainly has the large customer base and processor power to stir things up a bit. Will they tear my affections away from Netflix? Or the PlayStation? Or the occasional time we actually watch TV as it airs?

And all this just goes to show why we don't actually have cable, or any intention of getting cable at any point in the foreseeable future.

I can hardly keep up with the video available for free and/or through subscriptions to existing services. Especially not when I also have video games to play.

Consuming media is a busy job these days.


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