Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!

I was reading MLA News, as one does, in a vain attempt to keep informed about the events of one's profession, and I saw that Steven L. MacCall, of the University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies, received Library Journal's Teaching Award at ALA Midwinter.

I had a number of classes with Dr. MacCall at ye olde UA SLIS, and I had to give a cheer at the news.

I was especially impressed by the article's noting,

Further, the announcement of the award led to a string of congratulatory remarks on the school's online discussion lists with the subject line, "Dr. MacCall's awesomeness."

I am no longer subscribed to SLIS-L (in a vain attempt to keep down the flood of messages in my inbox), but that made me wish I were.

I would totally have participated in that email string, for Dr. MacCall's awesomeness is indeed immense and far-reaching.

His enthusiasm for librarianship and for interesting new ways to do address the old and new questions of the work is undimmed even by the inevitable technology issues and the many miles between teacher and students--he definitely proves that distance education can work.

Also, in a feat that will long be lauded by my legions of devoted followers, he is pretty much the reason I have this blog, and part of the reason I work in a medical library today.

Congrats, Dr. M. That award could not have been more well-deserved.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful post :)


erinserb said...

Three cheers for Dr. MacCall! Yes, if it were not for Dr. MacCall, I wouldn't have given blogging much of an effort. I still need to keep up on a regular basis. Dr. M is a main reason for me wanting to still get into Med. Librarianship - just gotta be patient. SLIS-L has some good info on it and still am subscribed.