Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spam Heeds My Cry

Displaying its concern for my approval, spam has undertaken to get more interesting and personal. I have one here that addresses me by name! Well, there's an extra 'T,' but it's almost my name. Oddly, they got the first name exactly right, weird punctuation notwithstanding, and messed up on the last name.

Anyway, this author purports to be an attorney, and spins a tale of drama and intrigue about a client with my last name who died unexpectedly of "a heart-related condition," leaving millions of dollars unclaimed.

The author proposes to present me as the next-of-kin so that I can claim the money! And, I mean, hey, it's probably a long-lost cousin or something, so it's only fair to keep it in the family.

It's hardly like a crime at all. I should totally do this.

Now this is the kind of tale I enjoy in my spam. The author clearly put a little thought into it.

Of course, I'm still going to blacklist and delete, but with an appreciative nod to the creativity involved.

Choke on your own spam, you pestilent scourge of the in-box, but nicely done!


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