Saturday, September 20, 2008

Now That's Technology

Improving on my idea of having cell phones beam nutrients into our bodies (also my recent momentary belief that life has a search bar), Emily Lloyd's Shelf Check presents the thought that we could have RSS feeds pumped straight into our veins.

Oh, baby. 

I've been a little lax about my feeds lately, usually only fully catching up with posts on weekends when I have a couple of hours to devote to reading. Having updates sent directly to my veins would save a lot of time. 

I'm assuming here that the veins in question would then transport the information to my brain, because otherwise I have this alarming image of gradually becoming imprinted all over with text as updates get trapped under the skin, without my ever actually reading them...but I'm pretty sure Emily Lloyd's futuristic technology will account for this. 

I'm trying to take a few minutes on a regular basis to keep up with the journals at work, and the library/health blogs I read could probably go into this same category of professional education, but then there are all the less relevant ones that I can't exactly not read if I see they've updated, can I?

Well, yes, I can. I have them separated into folders, and I can leave the non-work-related folders alone at work. Fine, shoot down my own argument why don't I.

Regardless, I'll be signing up for that RSS-to-vein technology when it comes out. 

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