Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Weird

This is September 11th. And I posted that last light-hearted thing and then thought, "wait, should I have posted that on September 11th? As if everything were normal?"

But of course, everything is normal. This is normal. Whatever it is, it's normal now.

I wasn't even thinking about it while I wrote, I was just entertained by my enthusiasm for PubMed, and off I cheerily went. I thought about it on and off during the day, but I'm fortunate enough not to have lost anyone, so I don't have the sharp, personal reminder that so many people do. And there's work to be done in the office, and you have to carry on as if it were a normal day, and generally it is.

I remember in the time right after, I couldn't go a single day without thinking about it. Then, time passes. The immediacy fades, no matter how much it seems like it never will. I guess we're lucky that we can't remember things too vividly for too long. How would we stand it?

So, I don't know, should I have posted light-hearted database musings on September 11th? I guess so. You remember, but you have to live with your normal.


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