Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reading and Writing

My favorite post of the day is Aunt B at Tiny Cat Pants musing about possibly mythical Viking torture techniques and fiction writing.

Also of interest is this Sociological Images post compiling a series of posters warning soldiers to stay away from women lest they catch a disease.

I was struck by the number of terms for these women: 'easy' girl-friends, pick-ups (with a hyphen), procurable women, "V-Gals" or victory girls, pickups (one word now, and I wonder if that was just a coexisting variant, or if one form of the term was earlier or later?), loose women...

I don't really have any interesting point to make, just that that's a lot of ways to talk about someone, or some group of people. A lot of words for something the targets of the posters talked about a lot, maybe?


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