Sunday, June 5, 2011

It Was Good Enough for My Grandpappy

I'm intrigued by this limited-copyright/open access argument on Got Medieval:

There really is no better argument against the industrialized world’s continued extension and re-extension of copyrights and the academic tendency to bury everything behind paywalls: it’s dooming us to a world in which the only facts easily marshaled by the masses are those that years and years of critical work has already supplanted, a world where the cutting edge is perpetually the same old rusty edge from 1920-something.

Do we want the masses--all of us out here writing things on the internet--to have access to recent information when publishing our turpentine-fueled rants?

I dunno. That rusty 1920-something edge has been slicing so well for so long. Current information is for suckers.

Unless it's about movies or cell phones or something vital. Then we need to know the very latest.


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