Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lose No Time

My default approach to vacation is to figure that if I'm not doing anything special, I might as well just go to work. Save the vacation time for when I go away to visit family or something.

It worked so well that I've accumulated all but 15 minutes of the maximum accruable vacation time at my job. After that, it doesn't stack up anymore. You essentially lose time, since you keep working but no more vacation is earned! This cannot be.

It's not a particularly horrifying problem to have, I suppose. But if there's this time that you're supposed to have, as a benefit of your job, to spend not at your job, you should really take it. Time not working is good for life.

So here I was, not doing anything special today, but I might as well just not go to work.

I'll do something special tomorrow though, don't you worry.


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