Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's Go, Let's Go!

Oh, drat. I was just sitting here peacefully reading blogs and then I remembered that I have to pack because I'm going to Science Camp for Librarians* tomorrow.

It's going to be awesome. I hope we toast marshmallows and sing songs around a crackling fire. We probably will, too!

We'll be hearing about robotics (nice!), astronomy (nice and enormous!) and epidemiology (nice and contagious!). It will be a lot different from the last time I had any sleepaway camp experience, which was an aikido camp in 1995 or something.

Well, better go pack my toasting sticks and banjo.

Just kidding. I don't own toasting sticks.

*The official name is Science Boot Camp for Librarians, but I'm less in favor of that because it suggests marching and push-ups, while I prefer handicrafts and bonfires, so I've decided to just go with Science Camp.



jtfburgess said...

Please let us know how it goes. It sounds like a great idea.

A'Llyn said...

Updates as events warrant!