Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camping In

I'm here in lovely Worcester, MA, chilling in a dorm room that is far more fabulous than anyplace I ever got to live when I was in college, waiting for tomorrow's programming.

We start with robotics in the morning, and I'm going to tell you, it will pretty much break my heart if I do not get a robot to take home from the session. Because that would be the best conference swag ever.

And I speak as someone who is extremely fond of swag, including the classic pens, the ever-practical sticky notes, the useful lip balms, the coveted flash drives, the small toys of any description, the hand sanitizers, the buttons, the bags (one can never have too many) and, of course, the candy. If there's anything I missed, don't worry, I'm almost certainly fond of that too.

You know what else would make good swag? Socks. I would wear socks with company logos on them all over the place.

A robot in socks carrying a bag full of pens and candy? Pure awesome.


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