Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visual Reminders of Unpopularity

Now that I finally signed onto Twitter, I am naturally enthralled by this fun toy (one of Jane's E-Learning Picks of the Day): the TweetWheel.

Enter your Twitter username, and the site will pull all your followees and followers and make a nice little diagram showing which of them are linked to each other as well as to you. The illustration on Jane's site shows a lovely, colorful web of contacts. 

For me, it merely serves as a reminder of my glaring shortage of cool friends; most of the people I know are largely or entirely absent from Web 2.0, so there's not much to work with.

You really have to wonder why I bother to associate with these people at all. They do nothing for my TweetWheel! What's the point?

Actually, they do sometimes give me chocolate. Maybe that's it.

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