Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Non-Sensational Take on Sugar

The Nutritionista, on the NutritionData blog, offers an unexcitingly commonsense review of a recent study on fructose, in which it appeared to make rats resistent to leptin (the feelin' full hormone that lets us decide it's a good time to finish eating for now).

She advises not letting this enforce concerns about high-fructose corn syrup (the sweetener of the devil!), and suggests that maybe enormous amounts of any form or sugar are more problematic that any specific version. 

So we can absorb HFCS-containing products, and other sugary products, without risk of sudden incapacitation or death, as long as we consume moderate amounts?

Sigh. Once again, this 'moderation' advice. Just once, I want to be advised to eat all the sugar I can hold, right out of the 5-pound bag. Is that so wrong?

But I will take the comfort that's offered in the general support for the idea that it's not so much about certain foods or products being evil and deadly (except for rat poison cookies, and Skittles), it's more about getting a nice selection of things and not overdoing any particular one.

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