Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Observation of the Day

You know that Bryan Adams song, "Summer of '69"? I'm not the only one who finds it melancholy and depressing, right?

It has this kind of upbeat rhythm, but basically says "my life has gone downhill since high school. Nothing since has compared to the satisfaction of playing with the band I had with some guys from school. It was great that standing on your mama's porch you told me that you'd wait forever, and that was sweet but silly because we were both so young and obviously neither of us will live forever, but nonetheless everything since that summer seems to have been a disappointment to me, because those were the best days of my life."

Sorry, dude. My sympathies on your sucky life.

This is why I don't do "bests." That's just what I need to make my existence more awesome: ranking the periods of my life so I can see how poorly my current situation stacks up next to my golden-hued memories of adolescence.

Because everything had an actual golden hue back then, when me and some guys from school had the philosopher's stone, so life was pretty great. It would be hard for today, surrounded by all these base metals that aren't worth lots of money, to measure up.

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