Friday, October 22, 2010

Health News of the Day

Latest exciting health news: our household's brush with tuberculosis!

Months and months of antibiotics await.

It's a little weird. I mean, who gets tuberculosis these days?

Such was my immediate reaction, but I need hardly state that this was a display of my vast and shameful ignorance.

Apparently, people get tuberculosis. For example, my gracious spouse.

I blame that movie we saw about John Keats dying of consumption. But more to the point, I suppose, I blame Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

In the absence of any productive response, I'm going to go play Assassin's Creed. Now there was a time period when people were familiar with consumption.



brian said...

Aaaaaah yes, consumption - and not the consumer kind either. Hope y'all will be okay.

A'Llyn said...

Yeah, it's the non-contagious form, so it just means lots of antibiotics.

Which is good. Also, he can make jokes about 'inconspicuous consumption,' which will be entertaining.