Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stellar Armed Conflicts: Now With More Dimensions!

As I have already cantankerously expressed my low opinion of 3D movies, faithful readers will no doubt be unsurprised by my reaction to the news (which I got from Women's Eye on Media) that the various Star Wars films may soon be released in 3d versions.

Bah. That's my reaction.

My spouse's reaction is stronger: George Lucas must be stopped.

There has to be a way.

Someone file an injunction! Get some sort of conservatorship set up, through which we, as a nation (maybe a world! is Star Wars huge outside the U.S?), can take over as guardians of these historically important films and prevent further mucking about with the cherished childhood memories of so many!

George Lucas has proven himself an incompetent administrator of the legend, and must have his legal rights to make further production and promotion decisions terminated.

Ha. Obviously, I can't actually back that position. I may be in favor of loosening copyright and letting more old stuff into the public domain (in fact, I'm fairly sure that I am), but even I can't really argue that copyright should expire while the creator is still alive.

Whether or not we like what Lucas has done with the monster empire that is Star Wars, he made it up and can do as he likes with it. He may be a money-grubbing hack, but he has that right.

Honestly, if I had an idea I could milk for everything it was worth (and it was worth that much), I might be a money-grubbing hack too.

I wanted to sell out, but no one was buying! Why does everyone assume I have some kind of artistic integrity, just because I'm not a millionaire film/toy magnate?


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