Monday, February 6, 2012

It's All Perfectly Clear...

This is an older piece, about something I've often noticed: the way nutrition information on food packages often refers to a 'serving size' that is...not very realistic.

Like, "16 chips," say. Because most people will carefully count the number of chips they eat from a bag, right?

I mean, I suppose most people don't actually read the nutrition information on packages, either, and people who do care about the nutrition information may also care enough to count out their tortilla chips, so I'm not sure this is really a huge problem.

But it is always amusing to glance at the back of the package and think "oh, this isn't so bad, only 20 grams of fat in a serving...of two cookies."

You have to read all the way through this sort of documentation, I suppose is the moral here.

Also check out the very bottom, where it probably tells you the percent of various key nutrients in the serving. Because if you care enough to read all the way through, you'll want to know how much vitamin C you're getting.

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