Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Computer Abuse

I need some keyboard glue. Is there such a thing as keyboard glue?

I dropped a 7-piece model heart on my keyboard at work and the 'L' key came off. I can still type 'L' by pushing on the little nub under the key, but it's awkward. It would work better if I could glue the key back on.

This computer is having a hard life.

The 'A' is completely worn off on that key, the 'N' is half worn off, and there's a worn out spot on the trackpad where I put my finger to move the mouse.

It deserves everything that happens to it though. It does this thing where it drops its internet connection for no reason at all kinds of times, and it's extremely annoying.

If punching it would do any good I'd resort to violence in a second, but it's just a computer, so all I can do is reconnect the dang internet several times a day.


Andrea said...

Unless what ever snaps it to that nub is broken, you should be able to just press down on it really hard to get it to reattach...

Good luck!

A'Llyn said...

I went looking for some glue, and our Help Desk genius said exactly that! Sadly, the little pins that snap it on WERE he replaced the hinge bit with one from a less-used key, and repaired that other key with some random bit of rubber and glue. And now I know way more about keyboards than I did before I dropped a model heart on one, so score!