Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food on the Edge

The thing I learned from Wired and the muppets recently is that you really want to put things near the edge of the revolving tray in the microwave, not in the middle.

As this piece on microwaving food evenly (scroll down a bit) explains, microwave ovens have hot spots because of the peaks and troughs of the microwaves they use to heat food. Rotating your food inside the machine increases the odds that different areas will be evenly exposed to heat, but if you put the dish in the center,
Since food here just spins on its axis, it’s not moving much, which means you could be burning a Chernobyl-sized hole through your pastrami sandwich. Instead, place your food along the turntable’s edge.
I always just put stuff in the middle because...I don't know why. It seemed more symmetrical, I guess. But from now on, things are going for the edge.

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