Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Food! My Peanut Butter!

Darn it, my grocery store is going out of business.

Johnnie's Foodmaster (how can you not love a grocery store named "Foodmaster"?), which we liked to support because it was a small, family-owned local chain, is closing up after selling 6 of 10 locations to Whole Foods and apparently not feeling very attached to the other four.

Whole Foods has its charms and all, I guess, but a small, family-owned local chain it is not. And Shaw's, the small-ish, slightly local chain with a store I used to like to walk to, is no longer within walking distance.

I understand that grocery stores are a tough business, and maybe the owning family just felt like getting the heck out, so good for them for managing it if that's the case. I hope all their employees do OK in the new stores or find good jobs elsewhere.

And I suppose we'll just have to drive to Shaws. Even though we don't like their store brand peanut butter as well.

What about our store brand peanut butter? Nooooooooooo!!!!

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