Friday, July 27, 2012

Moderate Yum

If anyone wonders how I'm feeling these days, a short answer would be, "tired and hungry." The lack of uninterrupted sleep, plus the need to produce sustenance for a rapidly growing small creature, means I am frequently yawning and wanting a snack.

I have formed a theory of desk drawer snackables that says that the food I keep around my office should fit into a nice middle ground: it needs to be stuff I like, because I don't want to hate eating it, but it can't be stuff I really like, because then it won't last.

For example, I got a giant 4-pound bag of raw almonds. I like almonds raw, but I love them roasted (with or without salt). So I got the raw ones, because when I'm hungry I'll enjoy eating them, but I won't enjoy eating them so much that I'll eat the entire bag in a week.

Because I wouldn't put that past myself. I really love roasted nuts.

I also had a quest going for a while, trying to find that perfect Clif Bar flavor that I liked enough to eat without gagging, but not enough to chow down like candy. I'm not sure I ever got it, and I sort of went off Clif Bars at some point, but at the moment the Odwalla Food Bar, Chocowalla flavor, is doing pretty well for me.

It's chocolatey enough that I like it all right and moderately enjoy eating it, but not so chocolatey that it might as well be a Hershey bar, which I would like very much and would eat by the carton.

Any hot tips about similarly good but not too good snacks are welcome. They should probably be accompanied by a sample of the item know, just so I can test it out.

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