Friday, December 17, 2010

Bitter End?

I've been looking on sympathetically to the Twittered expressions of sorrow over the possible cessation of (formerly, which I learned to type smoothly through repeated practice, which made me kind of resent them for changing it since I could no longer make use of this astonishingly unuseful skill).

I used Delicious for a couple of projects at different times, and thought it was OK, but I never really got into it, so I won't personally be among the mourners if it does go gently out of that good net, but I will extend solemn condolences.

Good luck finding another way to manage your links. I suggest my sophisticated method: copy and paste into word processing documents.


1 comment:

brian said...

maybe it will be saved like Bloglines - I guess it is a sign of the "Web" times. It really helped during school!